Boyd Carter Cemetery News

Building and Remembering

An Exploration of Hartstown, A Pioneering Black Community in Jefferson County

The Observer, August 2020

“Fieldstones. Yucca plants. Seashells. The last object a loved one touched. For centuries, these items, cultivated from lives and landscapes, marked many graves at burial places for Black people in America.”

The fight to save America’s historic Black cemeteries, National Geographic

Families Worry Historic African-American Cemetery Threatened By Mountaineer Gas Pipeline

DC Media Group, thank you for your wonderful research on the veterans buried there & to Jim Surkamp for the important historical findings linking the property to the Dandridges!

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04-18-19 JCC Meeting - Save Boyd Carter Memorial Cemetery

"Gentrification is erasing black cemeteries and, with it, black history" by Christopher Petrella

Thank you Christopher Petrella for telling Boyd Carter Cemetery’s story! We cannot let our government & corporations erase black history or this cemetery!!!

Gentrification is erasing black cemeteries and, with it, black history Local activists are fighting to save Boyd Carter cemetery, a historic black burial ground in West Virginia in the path of a pipeline

05-06-19 CTCC Meeting - Save Boyd Carter Memorial Cemetery

5-16-19 Jeff. Co. Commission Meeting - Boyd Carter Memorial Cemetery Public Comments